Rise of Cosmetic in Beauty Industry

Starting with a fact that the cosmetic and beauty industry has been recorded enormous success throughout the years. From remedies to the proper beauty industry, victory can be seen by all cosmetic lovers. The cosmetic industry is growing rapidly and has been recorded an annual growth rate of 4.75% globally. The world spends around $438 billion in the cosmetic and beauty industry. The growing improvements in the industry are resulting in increased demand for cosmetic products than ever before. Due to the emerging problems with the environment and its relation with skin issues, this industry is booming. Apart from cosmetic itself, cosmetic surgery is the new regime in town for people. Unresolvable issues can be rectified with cosmetic surgery.

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What are the reasons behind the growth of the cosmetic industry?

History is witness that women have been obsessed with beauty for a very long time. Even when the cosmetic was created with natural ingredients. Although some natural ways were quite harmful like the excessive usage of radioactive material. Even then the cosmetic and beauty industry grew to make amendments in harmful ways, creating a healthy and safe environment for women. Let’s have a look at the major factors behind this inevitable success!

· Constant Struggle to Cope with Beauty Standards

Women have been constantly struggling to meet the beauty standards of the world. For that, the demand for instant results-oriented cosmetics has positively increased. Furthermore, the beauty concerns of men and women are taken into consideration. Unstoppable researches and innovations with the use of different and new products are being done. Innovation is nowadays quality-focused which makes any woman buy more. Big competition in the beauty arena is another reason here why women are obsessed with cosmetic. Almost every woman is a social animal, no matter if they are going to work daily or attending parties. To have a confident and pleasant personality, one must make themselves up!

· Modern Era of Social Media

Social media is one of the major root causes of the boom of the cosmetic industry. Influencer marketing is playing a vital role in this domain. There is a number of bloggers who are operating from Youtube or Instagram. This has given tough competition to high and low-end brands resulting in low prices. Boost of the cosmetic industry takes place here. Also when we talk about models having facelifts and body transformations, cosmetic surgery has gained a lot of recognition and is now a common and safe practice among women and men. This generation is all about social media, and influencers are cherry on top for this amazing fact.

· E-Commerce to Boost Sales

If we talk about the years 2020 and 2021 when Covid-19 emerged out of nowhere. The business world digitized its affairs and boosted its sales over online platforms. This rise can be seen by world statistics which claim that there has been a 5.6% increase in the online sales of the cosmetic industry in the years of the pandemic in the U.S. People stuck at home would just open the website of their favorite brand and order their favorite cosmetic. No hassle to go out and take out time, all they did was just add to cart and checkout. Thus modern problems require modern solutions!

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