We asked that you provide us with basic information for our administrative records.

You may choose to watch a video or you may wish to read a brochure in regards with the procedure that you are interested with.

The Consultant will discuss your desires and expectations together with you. We believe in your need to be well informed about the entire process of preparing for, undergoing and recovering from cosmetic surgery. The consultant will give you a quotation for the desired procedure. You may wish to see the before and after pictures of our actual patients. If you decided to go through with the surgery, the next step is to meet your surgeon.

The surgeon will then do the medical examination to you and opinion will be given regarding how best to achieve your goals. Photography Photographs are used to both plan the procedure and to maintain a record from which the final result can be evaluated. Photographs are usually taken during pre-operatively and again post-operatively.

If you have a specific date in mind, the Scheduling Coordinator will do her best to accommodate you. If you are still in the information gathering stage, we will see to it that all of your questions are answered.

The night before surgery, shower and shampoo, and wash the surgical areas well. Do not use hair conditioners or hair sprays.

Eating & Drinking
Do not eat or drink anything 8 hours before your surgery. This includes water. The nurse will contact you 2- 3 days before your surgery with more specific instructions.

Oral Hygiene
You may brush your teeth but do not swallow any of the water. Make-Up Please do not wear moisturizers, creams, lotions or make-up. Clothing Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing that does not go over your head. Do not wear hairpins, wigs, or jewelry. Do not bring valuables with you.

Check In/Preparation
Report to the front desk. The surgeon will see you before surgery to discuss any last minute questions you may have. You should plan to arrive at least one hour prior to your scheduled time of surgery. A parent or a legal guardian must accompany patients under the age of 18.

Family members
If family members are present in the waiting room, the surgeon will make every effort to talk with them after surgery.

Operating Suite
Going to the operating room is not a normal experience for most people. The surgeon and his staff recognize that this anxiety is natural as most people approach this step in the process of achieving their goals. A description of the surgical experience will be helpful to increase your understanding of this event.

After checking in to the clinic, you will proceed to the preoperative holding room. You will change into a surgical gown. The surgeon will meet you in the pre-operative room. At this time, final surgical planning will take place. Basic preparation including drawing on your skin, if needed, will take place at this time.

Once you enter the operating room, the operating room staff will do their best to make you feel comfortable and secure. To ensure your safety, the staff will connect you to monitoring devices. Anesthetic will be given thru intravenous line.

Recovery Room
When your surgery is completed and the dressings are in place, you will be moved to the recovery room. You will stay connected to monitoring equipment. During this time a fully trained recovery nurse will remain with you. Your stay in the recovery room will depend on the length of your surgery but generally last from 1-3 hours.

Post Surgery
You must arrange for someone to bring you to the clinic and drive you home.

Check In/Preparation
Payment for cosmetic surgery procedures is due prior to scheduled time of surgery. We are able to provide a number of payment options, which may be used independently or combined as you wish.

Cash or Check
Certified Cheque or Bank Draft or Cash Credit Cards Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

Finance cosmetic procedures through low monthly payments. The Application process is simple and approval is quick if qualified. Medicard pays your surgery directly to us. Ask the Consultant about this during your first visit.

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