Naturopathic Weight Loss


Certain nutrients when injected act as lipotropics, speeding up the metabolism and utilization of fat, particularly in those using a low-carbohydrate dietary protocol. Injection therapy helps to improve your metabolism, and support weight loss when paired with an appropriate weight loss diet.
Certain diets also cause nutritional deficiencies over long term, that may contribute to weight gain rebound during the weight loss period. Your customized Vitamin Injections help to ensure your success and reduce negative side-effects during your weight loss journey, and maintain your weight in the long-term.

Customized Diet

Many diets and methods of dieting for weight loss have been researched. It can be confusing to navigate which one may be right for you. Studies show the that the most important factor in choosing a diet for weight loss is long-term adherence to the diet. Therefore the focus is creating an effective diet that fits your lifestyle, and that you will be able to follow for a long time.
Weight loss can also be complicated for individuals with certain medical conditions, such as those with diabetes or digestive issues. These are barriers to your weight loss journey that will be addressed during the creation of your customized diet.

Lifestyle Counselling

Our lifestyle counselling centers around two major tenants: exercise, and behavioral interventions. Both are integrated into your lifestyle to ensure that while you are challenged, support is in place to ensure you can stick to your treatment plan.

Other Health Benefits

Obesity doesn’t only affect your figure. It affects your health and increases your risk of numerous health problems, including diabetes, cancer, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, stroke, gallstones, kidney disease, osteoarthritis, and death.
Our weight loss plan uses a number of individualized evidence-based modalities to create long-term weight solutions for you. Book an appointment now to start taking control of your weight and health!

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