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Welcome to La Fontaine Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, the premier destination for hair transplant services in Toronto. With our exceptional team of highly skilled surgeons and cutting-edge technology, including the revolutionary NeoGraft 2.0, we are dedicated to helping you regain a fuller head of hair and restore your confidence.

What is Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant is a surgical procedure that involves extracting hair follicles from a donor area and implanting them into areas with thinning or balding hair. At La Fontaine Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, we specialize in the most advanced and minimally invasive technique – NeoGraft 2.0.

Furthermore, at La Fontaine Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, our team is at the forefront of utilizing the most advanced and minimally invasive technique available in the field of hair transplant – NeoGraft 2.0. This cutting-edge technology revolutionizes the hair restoration process, offering superior precision and natural-looking results.

NeoGraft 2.0

Hair transplant with NeoGraft 2.0 is a cutting-edge procedure that utilizes advanced technology to restore your hair with remarkable precision and natural-looking results. This minimally invasive technique, known as follicular unit extraction (FUE), involves extracting individual hair follicles from a donor area (usually the back of the scalp) using the NeoGraft 2.0 device.

Introducing NeoGraft 2.0

NeoGraft 2.0 is a revolutionary hair restoration system that provides superior results with minimal discomfort and downtime. Using automated follicular unit extraction (FUE), NeoGraft 2.0 ensures precision, natural-looking results, and faster recovery. This minimally invasive procedure ensures fast patient recovery and leaves no linear scar. By eliminating the limitations of manual tools and procedures, NeoGraft enables physicians to provide consistent, exceptional hair transplants with optimal clinical outcomes. 

La Fontaine Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is one of the two clinics in Toronto that have the newest technology Neograft 2.0 to provide you with a flawless hair transplant procedure.

NeoGraft 2.0

Meet Dr. William El Masri

Doctor William S. El Masri is one of the most prominent and requested cosmetic surgeons in Toronto. His artistic and precise skill set and compassionate manner have made him a leading surgeon in the field of rhinoplasty and face and neck surgery. Dr.William El Masri has hands-on experience crafting the most natural hair transplants in the gta alongside Neograft 2.0 and our hair transplant team. Dr. El-Masri has many years of surgical experience. He graduated from the University of Alexandria in 1974 and was previously Chief of the Department of Otolaryngology (ear, nose, throat and structures of the head and neck) at Dr. El-Masri holds the position of Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto and is affiliated with Toronto East General Hospital and Michael Garron Hospital. Alongside his busy office practice, he specializes in otolaryngology, with a particular focus on otology, thyroid surgery, cosmetic rhinoplasty, and sinus surgery. With a special interest in otology, which deals with ear diseases and connecting structures, Dr. El-Masri brings a wealth of expertise to his field.

Doctor William S. El Masri

Why Choose La Fontaine Cosmetic Surgery Clinic?

When it comes to hair transplants in Toronto, La Fontaine Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is your trusted partner. Here’s why:
  1. Experienced Surgeons: Our skilled surgeons have years of experience in hair transplant and are dedicated to delivering exceptional results.
  2. Personalized Approach: We understand that each individual is unique. Our team will create a customized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs and the desired outcome.
  3. State-of-the-Art Facility: We operate in a modern, fully equipped clinic that ensures your safety, comfort, and privacy throughout the entire process.
  4. Comprehensive Care: From the initial consultation to post-operative care, we provide comprehensive support and guidance at every step of your hair restoration journey.
  5. Positive Patient Experiences: Our satisfied clients speak for our commitment to excellence. Read their testimonials to learn more about their success stories.

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