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Our breast augmentations combine the highest standards of cosmetic and plastic surgery with compassionate care while increasing confidence, self esteem and restoring hope, whether you are wishing for a breast enlargement or breast reduction.



Get the curves you desire and a very feminine and sexy profile with a Brazilian Butt Lift. Or what about a slimmer silhouette? A tummy tuck provides you with instant results of a flatter, tighter abdominal area. Feel more confident about your physical appearance.


woman after tummy tuck or abdominoplasty

The most knowledgeable, experienced and caring doctors provide liposuction surgery that will exceed your body shaping goals. Re-sculpt your love handles, back, legs, neck, buttocks, abdomen and even under your chin!


Improve the look of your forehead lines, wrinkles and frown lines between the eyebrows with long lasting Botox®. BOTOX® is administered by a trained healthcare professional at our cosmetic clinic in Toronto.


Liberate yourself from shaving and waxing. Book your laser hair removal appointment at La Fontaine in the heart of downtown Toronto!


Liposuction for chin and neck

We focus on allowing individuals to live their dreams. Which is why we offer reasonable pricing and attractive financing options. Check out our latest specials.

Canadian Certified Cosmetic Surgeons

La Fontaine Source De Jeunesse is a world class certified cosmetic surgery clinic based in the bustling city of Toronto, and we only engage top Canadian Certified Cosmetic Surgeons. Certified (CAAASF) as a Class III Ambulatory Surgery Facility, we offer the services of renowned Canadian Certified Plastic Surgeons. We offer beauty enhancements from major surgeries to minor non-surgical procedures at our Certified Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Centre.

Our cosmetic surgery clinic provides a welcoming atmosphere designed to help you feel comfortable while discussing your personal goals for beauty and helping us to create a personalized treatment plan for a new and refreshed appearance that’s uniquely you. We focus on quality patient care that’s backed by the latest innovations in the field of cosmetics and plastic surgery. Our innovative approach begins the moment you are greeted by our compassionate and caring surgeons. Our plastic surgery clinic near Yonge & Bloor in downtown Toronto is run by highly professional, well-trained, talented and motivated medical practitioners, using state of the art equipment to meet all your surgical and non-surgical needs.

Over the past several years, we have helped many of our patients enhance their appearance and helped them look their best. Our promise to you is satisfactory results that will enhance your personal goals for beauty.

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Contact Us today at 416-962-4444 to schedule your FREE consultation and take the first step to a more confident you.

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“I’m so very happy to say thank you that my Liposuction surgery experience at La Fontaine has been extremely professional, supportive and excellent from beginning to now. I’m happy with the results and want to have more procedures here. It’s like a family here and I would recommend La Fontaine to anyone that is considering having a procedure.
Overall, it’s a 10+ experience.”

“I’m 100% please with the shape, because my breasts look real! Dr. Anderson makes me feel more like a woman and look more like a woman now.”