Dr. Ronald Levine

Dr. Ronald Levine is a leading and eminent plastic surgeon in Canada. With almost 40 Years of practice, he is very well regarded among his peers. He is renowned for his exceptional skills in plastic surgery, and he is acclaimed for providing top-tier care to his patients as well as achieving impressive outcomes.

As a distinguished member of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, his extensive experience encompasses treating a diverse spectrum of patients and addressing various aesthetic needs. An alumnus of McGill University, Dr. Levine is uniquely qualified in Toronto, holding both a Doctor of Medicine and a Master of Surgery (MDCM) degree. He completed his specialization in plastic surgery at the University of Toronto and further advanced his skills with a fellowship in microsurgery at Eastern Virginia Medical School.

Entrusting your care to Dr. Levine means being in the hands of an expert. His broad and in-depth experience equips him to precisely assess and address the aesthetic concerns of his patients. He expertly crafts surgical plans using well-established techniques tailored to achieve their desired aesthetic outcomes. Dr. Levine’s approach to patient care sets him apart: he continually explores a range of topics in plastic surgery to ensure the use of the safest and most effective procedures, ensuring the highest standard of care.

Dr. Levine is among the most seasoned and accredited board-certified surgeons in Toronto and across Ontario, Canada. Book your Free Consultation today!

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