Why You Should Consider Post-Pregnancy Breast Augmentation

In addition to an influx of hormonal changes and imbalances, pregnancy can take a huge toll on the female form in different ways, sometimes permanently altering a woman`s appearance in embarrassing ways. Among other things, one of the most noticeable ways in which pregnancy can impact a woman`s body is by changing the appearance, shape, and feel of her breasts. Women with smaller breasts are unlikely to experience drastic natural changes to their silhouettes to the same degree as their bustier counterparts. Nonetheless, it`s not entirely uncommon for the majority of new mothers to totally lose confidence in their appearances in the weeks and months following childbirth. While some women are able to successfully retrieve their pre-pregnancy bodies through maintaining a healthy diet and strict exercise regime, some women need a little extra assistance to get back on track. Breast augmentation is a reasonable and palpable solution that`s helped countless women regain their self confidence and sex appeal by enhancing their overall appearance.

How Pregnancy Affects Your Breasts

Pregnancy can massively effect the form, function, and firmness of your breasts both during your child carrying months and in the aftermath. Many people mistakenly believe that breastfeeding is the number one culprit for the postpartum loss of breast tissue, but there`s actually much more to it than that. Simply put, the primary natural function of the mammary glands which are located within the breast tissue is to produce nutritious milk to feed to the newborn baby. Your body will do this naturally during pregnancy and even in the months following childbirth whether or not you choose to actually breastfeed. When your breasts become full of milk, they tend to expand and increase in size which is why a lot of women may go up a cup size and then unexpectedly lose volume after giving birth. As a direct result of this completely natural phenomenon, a lot of women experience the following side effects that are associated with a combination of getting pregnant and aging:


As women age, their breasts naturally lose tissue mass and may even decrease in size over time. Piling on the additional stress and pressure caused by the sudden influx of pregnancy hormones as well as the body`s innate capacity to produce large quantities of breast milk can only speed up the process. Think of your breasts as balloons that have been inflated with air and then slowly deflated over a short period of time. In this case, the inflation period is the nine months during which you`re pregnant and deflation is what happens immediately after your body stops producing pregnancy hormones (postpartum). Subjecting your body to multiple pregnancies only serves to exacerbate gradual sagging effect. Even women who choose not to breastfeed will inevitably experience droopy breasts particularly if they have a bigger bust. Breast augmentation combined with a breast lift procedure can rectify the appearance of sagging breasts by restoring lost tissue volume and reshaping the breasts to make them look more in sync.

Deflated Breast Tissue

Sagging is a direct result of deflated breast tissue caused by a combination of getting older and pregnancy. Women who undergo multiple pregnancies throughout their lifetimes are at particular risk of losing greater quantities of breast tissue. However, that shouldn`t deter them from seeking out proven breast revision procedures that could invariably help to improve their quality of life by uplifting their self confidence. Deflated breast tissue can be corrected by undergoing brief, minimally invasive breast augmentation.

Asymmetrical Position

The combination of sagging and deflated breast tissue can lead to an asymmetrical disposition. In some cases, one of the breasts might lose more tissue than the other, causing them to look even more uneven and out of alignment. This can make your breasts appear to be misshapen and it can also make it extremely difficult to find clothing, especially undergarments that fit properly. Eventually, the inability to feel comfortable in your clothing and appreciate the way you look will slowly chip away at your self esteem. All it takes is a simple and inexpensive breast augmentation procedure such as getting silicone or saline implants to restore your body to its pre-pregnancy glory.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks form whenever skin is forced to expand far beyond its normal capacity and then revert back to its original position. Despite the natural elasticity of your skin, this is exactly what happens whenever your weight fluctuates dramatically. As your breasts expand during pregnancy, your skin is forced to stretch increasingly to cover a larger mass of tissue. Once the tissue becomes depleted again, undergoing breast augmentation can help remove the excess loose and sagging skin and reduce the look of stretch marks in the process.

How Breast Augmentation Can Help

The concept of body modification tends to have a negative connotation attached to it because it`s become synonymous with vanity thanks in large part to the mainstream media and celebrity culture. Of course, there are numerous ways in which undergoing a breast augmentation procedure can help to improve your overall outlook about your appearance in addition to enlarging your cup size.

Create a More Symmetrical Shape and Curves

The purpose of post-pregnancy breast augmentation is to establish a firmer, more symmetrical appearance that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin again. In the process of realigning and reshaping their breasts, some women might also opt for going up or down a cup size.

Restore Lost Tissue Mass

Another important aspect of breast augmentation after childbirth is to restore the depleted tissue mass that occurs during and in the aftermath of pregnancy. The goal of this procedure is to create a more natural lift and support for the breast tissue.

Eliminate Sagging and Stretch Marks

Breast revision may be necessary for women who`ve endured multiple pregnancies and breastfed all of their infants. Aside from the natural expansion and deflation that occurs as a result of pregnancy, the additional strain of breastfeeding can take a big toll on your breasts.

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