Perks of a Breast Lift: Total Transformation with a Combined Augmentation

Most of the time, a lot of the patients we encounter at La Fontaine Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Toronto come in for a consultation regarding enhancing their natural breasts; in these cases, they’re in for quite a shock, because they actually end up with a variety of options to choose from, such as a breast augmentation or breast lift.

What a lot of people don’t really know is, there’s more than one way to improve the appearance of the breasts, and choosing the best one ultimately depends on the results you want to achieve. A lot of our patients who come all the way to Toronto are usually surprised to find out that their breast enhancement procedure doesn’t always have to involve the use of implants, or that to begin with, it’s not always size that has to be enhanced.

Breast Augmentation vs. Breast Lift

Breast Lift? Tell me more!

Even throughout the aging process, a lot of women remain lucky to maintain the general cup size that they want, and only need some touch ups when it comes to volume and consistency of shape.

If it’s excess skin, droopy appearance, and lack of shape in the breast tissue that you’re dealing with, a breast lift or mastopexy is actually a great option. Without having to use implants, a cosmetic surgeon in Toronto can easily restore the breasts’ shape and lift them up based on where they currently sit on your chest. To achieve a perkier, youthful profile, the plastic surgeon will remove excess, sagging skin and breast tissue, as well as reposition the nipple to complete the ‘lift’ effect. This is completed by reshaping the breasts to be even, round, and firm — making them look and feel like the years had never passed!

Why women want a Breast Lift

In our Toronto cosmetic clinic’s experience, a breast lift is a great fix at any age or physical condition.

A lot of our patients look into cosmetic enhancements like breast lift as their bodies change over time and feel the effects of aging, such as having sagging and misshapen breasts. We also get moms looking for a complete mommy makeover after they give birth and successfully raise their kids — after all, it’s time to pamper yourself after taking care of the little ones! A breast lift is a great way to reverse the benefits of pregnancy and nursing on the breasts, giving them back their perky and youthful stance.

A breast lift isn’t just for reversing the effects of aging or rejuvenating moms through a body makeover — in some cases it’s as simple as long a significant amount of weight, so much that your boobs can sag, appear limp, and lose definition. But with a breast lift, you can have breasts that match every inch of your improved and enhanced curves!

Do I need a Breast Augmentation or Lift?

As one of the most popular areas for cosmetic procedure, it’s common to mistake one breast procedure for another, such as a breast lift for augmentation. In reality though, a breast augmentation is different from a breast lift, and each cosmetic surgery procedure has a specific goal.

A breast augmentation is designed to add volume to your breasts, such as when you’re not happy with your current cup size. At our cosmetic clinic in Toronto, patients who want to have a breast augmentation are fitted with the best size of implants for their needs. A rule of thumb is, if you have small but firm breasts, an augmentation or enlargement is the way to go.

In contrast, a breast lift targets sagging breasts that lack definition. To give your breasts a much needed lift, your cosmetic surgeon will remove loose breast tissue and apply supporting sutures to rejuvenate your breasts and correct their old, tired appearance. Just remember — if you’re generally happy with the size of your breasts and just want to deal with their sagging appearance, a breast lift will do wonders!

Breast Lift AND Augmentation: Best of both worlds

Just when you thought you had to choose — a combination of both the breast lift and augmentation can give you not only the volume and cup size you want, but also the lift that your breasts need to look perky and youthful! A breast lift will correct the shape and appearance of your breasts, while an augmentation will restore its natural volume, so you’ll enjoy the lifestyle perks of a larger cup size with youthful, upright breasts to fill it with.

A breast lift surgery will correct the shape and position of your breasts, so they’re no longer sagging and sitting low on your chest. By correcting this before undergoing a breast augmentation, you can ensure that the breast implants will sit where they’re supposed to, and achieve the cup size you want, giving you curves to die for!

The perfect cup size and a perky, youthful shape — all possible with a combined breast lift and breast augmentation. Talk to the doctors at our cosmetic surgery clinic in Toronto about your #bodygoals, and get the professional advice you need to get the best results from a life-changing cosmetic procedure.

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