La Fontaine Cosmetic Surgery-Bigger is NOT always better

At least in this case!

As China, Korea, and much of the US are embracing, we at La Fontaine Source De Jeunesse Cosmetic Surgery Centre have seen firsthand the benefits of smaller, more productive, and focused workspaces.

We are in a revolving, new era an era where bigger is not better all the time. We are celebrating a generation where we as consumers want to buy, but there are few worse feelings than the feeling like you have been sold.

We feel best when we commit to buying decisions based on our experience and value. Wouldn’t you agree that no matter how much we shop around, we usually go back to the place that offered us the best customer service and value for our dollar?

That said, when you reflect on that, I am sure that you will see that there are many times you have walked away from what appeared to be a BIGGER store or a BIGGER brand and felt extremely content and comfortable in your purchase at a smaller establishment that offered a bigger service than the size of the facility itself.

In this growing consumerism age, it is essential to remember to focus on these details while shopping for the most comfortable facility for your plastic surgery.

I want to bring some details to your attention that perhaps you have not considered.

I imagine you share a similar story to many folks who are interested in the process of plastic surgery. A story where you may have found the process itself so daunting that perhaps you became discouraged before you even begin your real search and decide to put it off for now.

We are here to help. With over 30 years in business (yes, that puts us as the first in the industry to perform breast augmentation in Ontario!), you can be confident that we know exactly what we are talking about!

We have seen the rise of plastic surgery, and we have been through almost every advancement. We have worked with thousands and thousands of patients, and no one understands your wishes and expectations more than we do. We are also very experienced in what the patient process is as well. And we want to guide you through this life-changing event so that it is the wonderful experience it is meant to be.

Hopefully, this information will help to inform you and put your mind at ease along your journey.

The very idea of plastic surgery has become so commonplace and accessible that overnight it seems, it has often become more complicated than it needs to be to you, the consumer.

What I mean by this is, as with any technology, when it first comes out, there are very few places to shop for it. It is simplified for the consumer because there are not options on every corner for you to purchase it, and of course, as you know, it is always the most expensive at that time.

It is typically in specialty shops, and certainly, not all merchants offer the product €¦until it becomes popular. Then the rat race begins!

Once this happens, you can, in fact, find so many of the same product, knock-offs of it, and/or so many versions of it that you forgot what the original benefits were to it in the first place! And it is at this stage that the price fluctuates from store to store.

Everyone starts to offer you the same product or service with different benefits and bells and whistles for why you should buy from them.

Plastic surgery has become no different industry. You have seen it for yourself. It is what has started your search for the perfect facility and doctor to perform your surgery.

It was probably quite a while ago when you knew that you were not particularly happy with whatever part of your body you are looking to enhance.

You probably tried to accept it and “embrace” it and did your best to work with what you have.

One day, after a while, you finally decided you are ready to start looking around at options. Does the story sound familiar so far?

Perhaps you have just had enough of living with it and are ready to make a change. Perhaps you have been budgeting and saving for it. Perhaps you just learned that there is financing available€¦whatever the case, it has very likely been a while since the time you thought about it for the first time, until you started to shop around and research about it.

Very few people wake up one morning, look in the mirror and notice something they don’t like, and call a cosmetic surgery center to book an appointment, so we understand the process.

Now that you are interested, you learn so much, like the difference in facilities, price difference, consultation processes, etc. But one thing that always amazes me is the price difference based solely on the facility.

Did I lose you, right?

Let me explain.

As you are on this journey, it is possible that you have gone to facilities or looked at options where they promote the “biggest” facility. They boast their square footage as though it has something to do with the quality of your surgery’s result. Some facilities talk about “high-end” decor and “top-notch” style.

Let’s be honest. If you are looking to go to a day spa and relax and focus on your chi for a while, that would be exactly what your money should go towards.

But in reality, that is not what plastic surgery is about.

In other parts of the world, including China, where plastic surgery’s popularity has become a leading multi-billion dollar industry, the focus has become very heavily on smaller spaces with a more defined quality of service.

No longer is bigger better.

As a matter of fact, when you see a plastic surgery facility that has wide-open spaces, who do you think pays for that overhead?

My second question is this: How necessary is it?

An outstanding result for your surgery is obviously the goal here, right? To ensure that you have the best of the best, top-of-the-line doctor is of priority, am I correct? To be confident that you are getting the absolute best consultation with information that answers all of your questions is essential, yes?

Then I ask you to consider these things when you are shopping for the best facility to do this surgery.

A surgery that you hope will ultimately change your life. Your self-esteem, potentially your health. This is the result you are seeking. And you should pay for exactly that and no more.

Unless you want to, of course!

If you feel you would like to pay for big spaces and fancy chandeliers, that is your choice, and feel free to do so!

At La Fontaine Source De Jeunesse Cosmetic Surgery Centre, we have been in the same location for many years, and we know exactly what priorities our patients have. After all, we have brought smiles to thousands of people over the years. We absolutely follow the philosophy that bigger is not always better, and in the case of our cosmetic surgery center, we challenge you to come in and see for yourself.

We offer a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere where customer care and top-notch service are our pride.

See for yourself the amazing service you will receive from our experienced and knowledgeable staff.

You will feel at ease in our beautiful facility without paying the extra hidden fees.

Now, doesn’t THAT sound like what you are looking for in a facility?!

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