Facelift 411: Everything you need to know about the types of facelift cosmetic surgeries and non-surgical alternatives in Toronto

Spa days are relaxing and everyone needs a good scrubbing once in a while, hence the facial date with your girlfriends. But let’s be real – are you religiously keeping up with your ten-step skincare routine? Fact is, if your beauty regimen is no longer working overtime to bring out your best features, it may be time to explore more lasting solutions.

A facelift could be exactly what you need to rejuvenate your appearance. Don’t fret about how invasive cosmetic or plastic surgery sounds – the life-changing benefits are here to outweigh any initial fear or misconception you may have of this procedure.

We’d like to think that you’re beautiful at any age, but with never ending wrinkles and sagging, crepey skin, it can be hard to feel that way all the time. The signs of aging can easily take a toll on a woman’s confidence, but with a quick fix like a facelift, you can easily turn back the clock by even up to 30 years, and find your groove again!

Do you know what’s the right facelift for you? That’s right – there’s one for every phase of aging. So whether it’s the jaw and neck area that’s giving you away, or the brow area, our cosmetic surgeons can find the best type of facelift that will easily rejuvenate your appearance and bring out your natural beauty!

Find the best type of facelift that gives you back your groove:

Traditional facelift – a full facelift for a full makeover

A traditional facelift, or a full facelift, is designed to fully address both moderate and advanced signs of aging, particularly in the middle portion of the face, which starts at the cheeks, all the way down the neck.

The full facelift involves incisions behind the hairline, near the temples, and close to the front of the ears and obscured by the natural folds of the skin, resulting in a dramatic lift of almost the entire face where fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin accumulate. In treating these areas, your plastic surgeon specializing in facial and neck procedures, called an otolaryngologist, repositions the facial tissues and removes excess skin, resulting in a smooth appearance overall. Plus, the removal of excess, sagging skin in the lower portion of the face and neck will reveal a beautiful jawline and an elongated neck that’s no longer weighed down by crepey skin, wrinkles, and stubborn fat. With a full facelift at our cosmetic surgery clinic in Toronto, you can definitely rejuvenate your appearance and turn back the clock by as much as 30 years! Feel the perks of a youthful, contoured facial profile and enjoy the unbeatable confidence boost.

Mini Facelift

Not everyone needs a total makeover – more often than not, there are a few problem areas on the face that need a touch-up to restore a youthful appearance overall. When there’s only a mild degree of jowling and sagging skin, a mini facelift can treat the signs of aging before they become overly pronounced and reverse an old and “tired” appearance.

A mini facelift is less invasive than its traditional counterpart through the use of shorter incisions. Using smaller cuts along the hairline above the ears or the natural creases of the skin in the area, your cosmetic surgeon will be able to tighten facial tissues and lift the cheeks. The result is tightened, redefined cheeks, corrected jawline, and a contoured jawline. Overall, a mini facelift is a great alternative to a full one when the signs of aging are just becoming apparent. In turn, you’ll enjoy beautiful results without having to go under the knife for too long and more invasively.

Brow lift: lifting the upper facial area

We don’t think about this one a lot, but a brow lift can actually be a permanent solution in place of the filler injections you get every now and then. A brow lift or upper facelift will eliminate the need for numerous filler touch-ups once and for all, giving your eyebrow area smooth and contoured definition.

To perform your brow lift, your cosmetic surgeon will make incisions along the hairline and tighten the muscles in the forehead area. The result is a subtle lifting of the upper face with small, barely visible scars. With a brow lift, you can quickly say goodbye to wrinkles and other signs of aging between the eyes and across your eyebrows. Plus, by combining your brow lift with an eye surgery or blepharoplasty, you can achieve a completely rejuvenated look. So bat those eyelashes away, sister, and enjoy the perks of being this beautiful inside and out!

Don’t want to go under the knife? Here are nonsurgical facelift techniques you’ll love!

At our cosmetic surgery clinic in Toronto, we’ve encountered tons of patients who are looking for a quick fix that will roll back the years on their face, but without the hassle of surgery. And that’s exactly what fillers were invented for!

One of the most popular facelift alternatives is a “liquid” facelift. This nonsurgical facelift technique uses fillers to plump up the appearance of the skin in typical problem areas, resulting in wrinkles and fine lines smoothed out, and sagging skin tightened. Using dermal fillers and injectables, your cosmetic surgeon can quickly add volume to the face, which restores the youthfulness lost over the years. By adding fillers like Juvederm or fillers to the areas of the face that are riddled with fine lines and wrinkles, our cosmetic surgeons can restore your youthful, beautiful glow instantly.

If you want something more lasting than a liquid facelift but don’t want to deal with the extended recovery associated with full, mini, and upper facelifts, there’s a more permanent solution that will curb the signs of aging you’re experiencing without going through a highly invasive procedure.

A thread lift is a nonsurgical facelift that uses sutures to tighten the skin and the facial tissues, giving you the results of a full facelift that is expected to last for a few years. It’s a great nonsurgical solution to aging as it’s more permanent than fillers, while being less invasive than the traditional cosmetic surgery.

Hold up, don’t book that spa day yet. Ask our cosmetic surgeons in Toronto about the best facelift for your aesthetic goals, so you can enjoy a lasting rejuvenation. Book your free consultation today, and get started on your journey to a younger, more beautiful you!

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