Confronting the Good, Bad, & Ugly about the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

Chances are, you’re not living under a rock and have heard of or seen the Kardashian women and their influence on the skyrocketing popularity of a full figure and well-defined curves, heavily accentuated by big, plump butts. On the au naturale side of things, a lot of workouts specifically targeting the gluteal area are emerging; and if you’re one of many women who aren’t naturally gifted with a full behind that can easily be made more shapely with regular squats, luckily, there’s the ever-trusty cosmetic surgery favorite, butt lift.

When you think of altering the shape and size of your butt, it’s usually implants that come to mind – but not entirely anymore. For the love of all things natural and so-called organic, the Brazilian Butt Lift has risen to fame, and for good reason

Au naturale (sort of): Brazilian Butt Lift

Instead of using implants, the brazilian butt lift makes use of your own fat to give your butt a naturally plump appearance and in effect, fuller, enviable curves. That’s right – the BBL doesn’t make use of foreign objects to make your behind as gloriously full and round as possible. With the BBL, cosmetic surgeons have found a good use for excess fat, typically in the abdomen, instead of a good old removal.

How the BBL works

The brazilian butt lift is an interesting procedure; it’s pretty straightforward and does not involve much cutting, while being inventive in the manner that you won’t just get much needed volume in your butt, but also contour the rest of your body to achieve beautiful curves.

Your BBL plastic surgery starts by performing liposuction in the lower back, love handles, abdomen, or thighs – depending on what area you want to remove excess fat from – essentially to serve as “donor fat”. This donor fat will then be purified and treated using a centrifuge; as the fat is filtered, strong and healthy fat cells are separated from weak and damaged ones, so that only good fat is used for the butt lift.

The best thing about the BBL is, you essentially get two surgeries for the price and preparation of one! That’s right – you won’t just enjoy a full, shapely, and voluminous butt, you’ll also step out with added confidence thanks to a more contoured body defined by a smaller waist.

BBL – the butt of jokes and worse, cause of death? Toronto cosmetic surgery clinic explains

Unfortunately, not everyone has been raving about the brazilian butt lift surgery, and as a cosmetic surgery clinic, we hear ya. An increasing number of stories have come to light regarding the so-called dangers of a BBL cosmetic surgery, with the worst ending in death.

A number of reports gaining traction from media outlets like NBC and Buzzfeed state that the BBL is quickly becoming the most deadly cosmetic procedure – but is it the whole truth?

It’s important to note though, that like any other cosmetic enhancement, a brazilian butt lift wasn’t designed by plastic surgeons to kill; however, brazilian butt lift surgery ends up endangering the life of a patient when instead of injecting the fat in the subcutaneous tissue layer where fat sits, it’s injected directly into the muscle layer sitting underneath. Unlike the perfectly safe fat layer, the muscle layer contains veins that are directly connected to the heart and lungs, and if fat travels to these vital organs, the effect that presents similar to a blood clot can be fatal.

Making the right choice for your brazilian butt lift plastic surgery

The key to staying in perfect health while getting the best results from your brazilian butt lift is your plastic surgeon.

At La Fontaine Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, our doctors are expertly trained in performing this innovative, albeit potentially dangerous procedure, not only making sure that you achieve the figure you want, but also avoid this cosmetic enhancement from endangering your overall health. Our Toronto clinic is dedicated to keeping your health in check first and foremost, so you can make the most informed decision possible regarding cosmetic procedures such as the BBL. Amidst this rising notoriety of butt lifts, we’ve found that a plastic surgeon’s training and experience, coupled with our clinic’s commitment to safety standards, make all the difference.

As the brazilian butt lift continues to skyrocket both in terms of demand and fear generated, we’ve seen a wide spectrum of health among patients who choose to undergo this plastic surgery procedure. We know that this simple cosmetic enhancement has had the public divided – it has been great for everyone who’s had their surgery performed by a properly trained and vastly experienced plastic surgeon, while it has been fatal for patients who either get injections in someone’s basement or opt to go with an inexperienced, uncertified, or poorly trained doctor. The fact that prospective patients like yourself seek out a certified cosmetic surgery clinic in Toronto for a brazilian butt lift is a great first step we celebrate.

Pat yourself on the back for taking the first step towards a safe, effective, and long-lasting brazilian butt lift. At La Fontaine Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, our guarantee to men and women in Toronto and beyond is a perfectly healthy journey towards achieving the body you want.

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