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Popular Procedures:

Breast Augmentation

A woman’s pair of breasts is one of the most feminine parts of her body. The breasts better help to define the feminine look.


Generally, the best candidates for liposuction surgery are in good health and have good skin tone.

Butt Lift

beautiful girl with a beautiful body. big breast on a white background
The curves of the butt and hips give a woman a very feminine and sexy profile.

Come visit our plastic surgery clinic for a beauty procedure.

Welcome to La Fontaine Source De Jeunesse Cosmetic Surgery Centre in Toronto, where we take pride in having many years of excellence in performing breast augmentation and breast enlargement surgeries Unlike most other plastic surgery clinics in Toronto, we understand that there is more to breast augmentation than simply changing the size of your breasts. There are other considerations to keep in mind when doing this procedure including shape, nipple placement and of course…cleavage. We want to make your breasts as beautiful as they can be. Over the past several years, we have helped many of our patients to enhance their appearance and helped them to look good. So whether you consider breast implants to restore your perky assets, or consider a simple nose job to look better, we promise you, you will get satisfactory results. In our clinic, we provide a welcoming surrounding where you can comfortably tell us your personal goals for beauty to help us to create a personalized plan for you to get you there. As a world class certified cosmetic surgery clinic, we provide a complete list of cosmetic surgical methods to improve any area of the body from head to toe, including a complete list of nonsurgical methods as well. Some of our surgical procedures include – face lifting, breast augmentation, liposuction and more! You can find the complete info from here! So, if you are excited about to improve your looks and want to take this opportunity to compete with the most attractive Hollywood actors or actresses, then make sure you call us to set up an appointment. We assure you that, your experience with us will begin the moment you will be greeted by our surgeons, and get excellent results in both personality and looks in the end.