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At La Fontaine Surgery we focus on allowing individuals to live their dreams. Our staff is 100% dedicated to providing the best service to each and every one of our clients. To give every individual the opportunity of using our services, we accept financing. Please open the Application and fill in the form to submit your application. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

We accept payments by Cash, Visa, Master Card, Amex and Debit Card. We also offer financing through Credit Medical.


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Financing Options To Fit your Style

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Surgical Procedures

Surgical Procedures

ServicePrices Start From
(Before HST)
HSTPrices Start From
(After HST**)
Breast Augmentation (saline)$7,900, and up$1,027$8,927
Breast Augmentation (gel)$8,500, and up$1105$9,605
Breast Lift$7,500, and up$975$8475
Liposuction$5,500, and up$715$6215
Fat Injection (Lipo.Req.first)$3,000, and up$390$3390
Butt Lift$10,500 – $16,500 and up$1365$11865 – up
Mini Tummy Tuck / Abdominoplasty$8,000, and up$1040$9040
Regular Tummy Tuck / Abdominoplasty$9,500$1,1235$10735
Gastric Balloon-Be Slim
Gastric Balloon Removal
$7,000, and up
Arm Lift / Brachioplasty$8,000, and up$1040$9040
(Male Breast Reduction)
$5,500, and up$175$6215
Vaginal Tightening (Vaginoplasty)$5,500$715$6,215
Labia repair/reduction (Labiaplasty)$4,000, and up$520$4520
Hymen Restoration$2600$338$2,938
Labia PuffingPatient Based
Clitoral Hood ReductionPatient Based
Hair Transplants$5,000, and up$650$5650
Eyelids (Upper or Lower)$4,800, and up$624$5424
Eyelid (Upper & Lower)$9,000, and up$1170$10170
Forehead Lift$8,000, and up$1040$9040
Buccal Fat Extraction$5,000 and up$650$5650
Face Lift (mini)$9,999, and up$1299.87$11298.87
Face Lift$15,000, and up$1950$16950
Neck Lift$7,000, and up$910$7,910
Nose / Rhinoplasty$7,000, and up$910$7,910
Cheek Implants$6,250, and up$807.95$7022.95
Chin Implants$5,000, and up$650$5,650
Ear Tucks / Otoplasty$4,500, and up$585$5,085
Earlobe (each)$600, and up$78$678
Scar Revision$750, and up$97.5$847.50

Non-Surgical Procedures

ServicePrices Start From
(Before HST)
HSTPrices Start From
(After HST**)
Juvederm Ultra Plus UX$650, and up$84.50$734.50
JuvedermVolBella$750, and up$97.50$847.50
Lips – KISS® restores volume,re hydrates and redefines the contours of your mouth in a very natural way$650, and up$84.5$734.50
Eyes- Redensity 11$650, and up$84.5$734.50
Cheeks-can reverse the signs of aging by filling and lifting your cheeks$650, and up$84.5$734.50
Skin – Redensity 1$350, and up$45.50$395.50

Ultherapy Treatment

(non-invasive facelift)

ServicePrices Start From
(Before HST)
HSTPrices Start From
(After HST**)
Full Face (includes submentum)$3500, and up$455.00$3 955.00
Lower Face (includes submentum)$2500, and up$325.00$2 825.00
Eye Lift/ Upper Brow$1500, and up$195.00$1 695.00
Neck (Jawline to Clavicle)$2500, and up$325.00$2 825.00
Face & Neck$5000, and up$650.00$5 650.00
Decolletage$2500, and up$325.00$2 825.00


Skin Care

Skin Treatments

ServicePrices Start From
(Before HST)
HSTPrices Start From
(After HST**)
Skin- Redensity 1$350, and up$45.50$395.50
Skin Rejuvenation / Hair Loss$700, and up$91$791
Photo Facial / Rejuvenation$150, and up$19.50$169.50
Microdermabrasion$99, and up$12.87$111.87
Gycolic Peel$60, and up$7.8$67.80
TCA Peel$700, and up$91$791
Tattoo Removal (per square unit)$150, and up$19.50$169.50
Mole / Skin Tag Removal/ Wart Removal $150, and up$19.50$169.50
Vein Treatment$150, and up$19.50$169.50
Eyelash Extension$125, and up$16.25$141.25
Global Lift by Skeyndor$115, and up$14.95$129.95
Glutathione Treatment$150, and up$19.50$169.50
Kenalog Treatment$100$13$113

Laser Hair Removal

ServicePrices Start From
(Before HST)
HSTPrices Start From
(After HST**)
Upper Lip or Chin$48.00, and up$6.24$54.24
Cheeks/Sideburns$93.00, and up$12.09$105.09
Full Face$180.00, and up$23.40$203.40
UnderArms$93.00, and up$12.09$105.09
Ears$49.00, and up$6.37$55.37
Bikini Line$69.00, and up$8.97$77.97
Brazilian Bikini$165.00, and up$21.45$186.45
Chest$210, and up$27.30$237.30
Neck$600, and up$78$678
Shoulders$750, and up$97.5$847.50
Back$210, and up$27.3$237.30
Half Legs$210, and up$27.3$237.30
Full Legs$390, and up$50.7$440.70
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Waxing- Epilfree Hair Removal$35, and up$4.55$39.55

Permanent MakeUp

ServicePrices Start From
(Before HST)
HSTPrices Start From
(After HST**)
Eye Liner$450, and up$58.5$508.50
Eye Liner(top & bottom)$800, and up$104$904
Brow Liner$550, and up$71.5$621.50
Lip Liner$550, and up$71.5$621.50

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