Skin Care at La Fontaine Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Toronto:


Jeunesse Volumizer

Jeunesse Volumizer promotes support to your skin. This scientifically developed cream amplifies the storage of fat lipids by stimulating your cellular fat production. 

It can be applied anywhere; under the eyes, cheeks, hands, neck area, breasts, and buttocks. It adds volume and provides a more youthful appearance. This enhancement Crème de la Crème contains a newly developed formula from plant extracts. Applied regularly the effects are miraculous. This precious source de Jeunesse emulsions is your “Fountain of Youth.”

Facial Cleansing Gélee 16 fl. Oz.

This full body cleansing Gélee combines deep cleansing action with the stimulation of massage. It is neither greasy nor drying and it is pH correct at 5.5. The naturally derived ingredient Sucrose Cocoate will gently cleanse your skin helping to balance moisture levels. Contains no harsh detergents or artificial fragrance.

Night Oxygen Emulsion 1 fl. Oz.

Recommended using at night. Multi-action emulsion provides long-term benefits to restore balance to sensitive skin. The natural properties of Native American extracts moisturize calm, support cell regeneration and progressively combat signs of premature aging.

Vitamin C Serum 1 fl. Oz.

Indulge your skin with vitamin C. A lightweight gel containing stable vitamin C and antioxidants that firm and protect. The addition of phytic acid helps to brighten the skin while salicylic acid aids in the control buildup of cellular debris. Free of synthetic colorants and fragrance. Apply three to four drops twice daily to face and neck. Follow with daily moisturizer.

Citrus Day Skin Care 2 Oz.

This balanced herbal formulation helps tone and condition the skin. It’s light texture wears comfortably and the active botanical extracts work to brighten and revitalize the complexion.

Daily O2 Optimizing Crème 2 Oz.

A super hydrating firming and ultra-silky moisturizes which is great for sensitive skin that needs a boost. This formula contains Revitalin® BT, an oxygen accelerator that heightens cell respiration promoting healthy, glowing skin.

Décolleté + Bust Contour Crème – Replenish System 4 Oz.

This intensive contouring treatment strengthens the elasticity and firmness of delicate skin between the chin and lower bust by using the latest botanical discovery, Kigelia Africana Fruit Extract, mag C™ and Locust Bean provide the skin additional revitalizing and toning effects.

Microsome Eye Gel – Sensitive System 1 Oz.

This advanced formula contains soothing extracts of bisabolol and chamomile to help diminish the appearance of puffiness common to the eye area, while vitamins provide antioxidants to protect delicate eye tissue.

Vitamin C Crème 1 Oz.

A lightweight Crème containing stable vitamin C and antioxidants that firm and protect. Squalane an jojoba oil further nourish and hydrate. This formula is ideal for combination to dry skin.

Glytone Acne Treatment Kit

It contains three products designed to work effectively together to help maintain healthy skin in individuals with acne-prone skin. Daily use of the products on the face, chest or back will safely and gently help reduce acne blemishes and control breakouts.

Cleansing Gel 8 Fl. Oz. 
This specially formulated cleanser is designed to adjust the pH of your skin and help rid your skin of dead cells leaving your skin soft , smooth and clean. 

– Acne Treatment Toner 8 Fl. Oz. 
This medicated toner contains salicylic acid, an effective agent to break down comedones (acne pimples) and remove excessive oils. Leaves skin refreshed and “squeaky clean”. 

– 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Treatment Gel 2 Oz. 
Maximum OTC strength works fasts. Oil-free non-comedogenic vehicle. Helps to kill acne bacteria on the skin.

Collagen – Elastin 14-1 Crème

Formulated with the same ratio of collagen and elastin present in human skin tissue, this luxurious cream smooths fine lines and conditions dry skin.


Cellufirm Body Creme (7.0 fl oz.) – SPA body Essentials

A unique formulation that utilizes the break through ingredients along with state-of-the-art European botanicals traditionally used to lessen the appearance of cellulite.


Cellufirm Contouring Serum (7.5 fl. Oz.) – SPA body Essentials

A refreshing, non-oily body-contouring gel that helps to lessen the appearance of cellulite. Featuring a traditional Chinese herbal extract, co-enzyme A, extracts of clover flower, cocoa and green tea.

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