New Mom Alert: All-Natural PRP Therapy for Hair Loss


There’s nothing quite like your bundle of joy and the many firsts that come with being a new mom, but the truth is, pregnancy changes a woman’s body a lot; throughout the nine months of carrying your baby to term, there are days when you just don’t feel like yourself. These days are caused by the constant nausea, discomfort, and unknown to many, hair loss. Due to vast hormonal changes in your body, hair loss isn’t all that uncommon, and it’s important to know that there’s a quick and ready solution to this after you give birth.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is gaining ground as a hair loss treatment, and it’s loved by new moms because of its natural hair restoration method and minimally invasive nature. This way, you can easily take care of your newborn while taking care of yourself, too. Keep reading to learn more about this treatment now offered by leading cosmetic clinics in Toronto!

The 411 on PRP Hair Loss Treatment

PRP treatment for hair loss essentially uses your own blood to restore the thickness of your hair follicles and enable regrowth. Is the idea of blood not too exciting? We’ll clear that up for you!

What’s great about your blood is, it can be separated into different components. From there, your cosmetic surgeon can get the richest portion of the blood’s plasma and inject it onto the scalp. Plasma is the component of the blood that delivers healing properties to wounds by causing the blood to congeal. Because of plasma’s healing and regenerative properties, a platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) was designed to stimulate hair growth, among other conditions that it can treat.

How PRP Hair Loss Treatment Gives New Moms Back their Glow

Pregnancy and postpartum hair loss is real for many moms, and it’s one of the many things these superwomen endure for the love of their babies. Usually hair loss during pregnancy and after giving birth are thought to be caused by stress alone, which hinder a lot of moms from seeking treatments for this unsuspecting nightmare.

Unknown to many, hair loss during pregnancy and postpartum is actually caused by heightened estrogen levels which affect many of the body’s normalized processes, including hair loss. The increased levels of estrogen prolong the cycle of hair growth, causing hair to fall out and enter a ‘resting phase’, taking much longer than normal to grow back. This slower hair growth cycle can last up to a year if not corrected – that’s a year too long without your crowning glory!

With PRP hair loss treatment, moms can experience a resurgence of hair growth, cutting short the resting phase, and putting an end to embarrassing hair loss. This is possible through injection of platelet-rich plasma back into the scalp which stimulate activity in the hair follicles and enable new cell growth. By injecting a growth factor such as PRP into the scalp, not only does hair growth speed up, but it also triggers tissue regeneration.

What to Expect After Your PRP Hair Loss Treatment

A huge upside to PRP hair loss treatment compared to an actual hair transplant surgery is, after your PRP session, you can wash your hair right away, unlike after a hair transplant when you can’t shampoo or use styling products for some time.

Plus, with PRP, most people can go back to work the day after their treatment; as a new mom, this means that you won’t have to worry about not being able to take care of your baby, with the light exception of strenuous physical activity as this can raise blood pressure, which can then negatively affect blood flow. But all in all, there’s little to no recovery period required after your PRP hair loss treatment, allowing you to keep on being the supermom that you are!

Seeing Results from Your PRP Therapy

After your PRP hair loss treatment, you can expect to see results a few months after the procedure. While it may seem like forever, it’s important to keep in mind that the plasma needs some time to rejuvenate your hair follicles and stimulate active growth after undergoing a period of dormancy. Plus, once hair growth is kickstarted by PRP, you’ll look and feel your best, thanks to a fuller, thicker head of gorgeous hair in just a short period!

It’s time to restore your crowning glory. PRP hair loss treatments are all-natural, safe, & quick, so you can pamper yourself and the kids, too! Ask our cosmetic surgeons in Toronto today.

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