10 Most Common Myths and Misconceptions about Botox

Botox Treatment

If you’re in your forties, chances are, you swear by a detailed and dedicated skincare routine to keep wrinkles, frown lines, and crepey skin from appearing. But the thing is, no matter how much toner, sunscreen, moisturizer, anti-aging serum, and night cream you use, sagging skin and seemingly permanent frown lines are natural and inevitable signs of aging. So how do you get rid of them and restore your skin’s glow?

Maybe you’ve talked about Botox injections with your girlfriends but decided against it because of myths and misconceptions you’ve read. But did you know that Botox really had medicinal uses, such as relieving uncontrollable muscle spasms throughout the face, particularly around the eyes? After proving useful for relaxing muscles and in effect, easing appearance on the skin, its cosmetic use was born. So, if Botox has been proven to have a slew of great effects, why are so many people still skeptical of its anti-aging prowess?

At La Fontaine Cosmetic Clinic, we make sure to sit down with each patient before their Botox and make sure that all their questions are addressed, including putting an end to long-held myths and misconceptions.

1. Botox Injections Are Painful

When people think of Botox injections, the first thing that usually comes to mind is needles—particularly needles being poked into their faces, and needless to say, that image hurts. While this can certainly make people uneasy, especially if they don’t like needles, it doesn’t mean that the injections themselves are painful.

But in reality, Botox injection needles are actually very thin—meaning, the worst you’ll feel is just a slight pinch. Other than that, you shouldn’t feel an overwhelming amount of pain or discomfort.

2. Botox Is Only for Women

Do you know how many men also come to our clinic everyday to ask about Botox or get their treatment? Statistics have shown that an astounding number of men opt for different types of Botox treatments to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and other signs of aging, as well as certain medical uses.

3. Botox Will ‘Freeze’ or Disable Facial Expression

If you’ve heard anything bad about Botox, chances are, it’s because of Hollywood and the media. Tabloids and television shows are often bombarded with celebrities who’ve had way too much work done on their faces and we usually assume that it’s Botox that makes their faces look overstretched and frozen. However, the stilted and often expressionless faces we see on our TV screens have usually had way more work done than we know, and its often other poorly done cosmetic procedures that are causing these celebrities to look so stiff. So there, Botox alone won’t do that.

4. Botox Has Negative Side Effects

When administered correctly, Botox doesn’t have any negative side effects. Make sure that your Botox injections are administered by a board certified, professional cosmetic doctor who’s specially trained for this.

Side effects only occur when the physician injects too much Botox than necessary. Other than that, it’s normal to feel a momentary tightness in the treatment area after the Botox injection because the solution causes your muscles to stiffen up a little and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles in the process.

5. Botox Is Only Used for Aesthetic Reasons

This is actually very false. As mentioned, Botox was originally developed to help patients with uncontrollable and uncomfortable muscle spasms in their faces. Since then, it’s gained a reputation for being a strictly cosmetic treatment, but it’s actually so much more than that. Botox can be used as a preventative measure to ward off migraines and it can even treat certain eye conditions such as twitching.

6. Botox Treatments Are Highly Noticeable

As long as your doctor or plastic surgeon uses an appropriate dosage, there’s no reason why anyone should notice that you’ve had Botox injections done. In fact, the only obvious differences in your appearance that people should notice is how much younger and more radiant you look after treatment!

7. Botox Can Only Be Used after Fine Lines and Wrinkles Form

While smoothing out and erasing all evidence of fine lines and wrinkles is one of the primary reasons people get Botox injections, you don’t necessarily have to wait until after these signs of aging have emerged on your face. Some people actually use Botox as a preemptive strike in the fight against the signs of aging. This means you can get Botox injections even before you develop your first wrinkle, fine line, or brow line and it’ll be just as effective as if you use it as a corrective treatment.

8. My Wrinkles Will Get Worse If I Stop Getting Botox

Botox relaxes the muscles in the area where it’s injected, which can have a lasting effect in terms of smoothing out the appearance of wrinkles. However, that doesn’t mean that stopping Botox treatments will automatically result in an older or more haggard appearance. During the time of your treatment, the Botox solution retrains your muscles to remain contracted and tight on their own, which means that your face will look naturally smooth and wrinkle-free for a longer period of time. Eventually, however, your facial muscles will slowly return to their former state as you get older because Botox isn’t a permanent treatment. That said, you won’t necessarily be any worse off than you were before commencing treatment.

9. Botox Is Permanent

Botox procedures are temporary and, therefore, they don’t have long lasting results. Depending on the nature of your treatment—whether it’s cosmetic or medical—you may be required to undergo treatment once every three to six months to maintain your appearance.

10. Botox Is Addictive

There are no active ingredients in Botox that can make it physically or chemically addictive. Furthermore, it’s impossible to develop a chemical dependence on Botox solutions. That said, some patients may become dependent on it in the sense that they don’t want to skip any treatments or stop their treatment altogether because they like the results so much.

Thinking of Botox but still having second thoughts? Talk to the doctors at our cosmetic surgery clinic today to ease your worries! Don’t let a couple of rumors keep you from looking your best.

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